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Today: 11/26/14
All Day: Thanksgiving Break (No School)

Our Vision

Katherine Smith school will be the model of excellence for 21st century learning and community  service.

Our Mission

Prepare each student to think, learn, work, communicate, collaborate, and contribute effectively now and throughout his or her life.


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Brengard, Aaron
Donohue, Nanette
Assistant Principal
Ramos, Christina
Rodriguez, Margarita
Health Clerk

Katherine Smith News

Let’s get 100% conference attendance-No excuses
Like we say with our students, there are no excuses in our way of success. We hold the adults at K. Smith to the same standard. By this time of the year, teachers and students really know one another. Now it’s time for us to get to know YOU.... Continue
Posted by: Aaron Brengard
Published: 11/14/14

Ask about the K. Smith Habits at your conference


We focus on providing a comprehensive, well-rounded education where each student thinks, learns, works, communicates, collaborates, and contributes. How is your child using these K. Smith Habits? Where are his or her strengths and oppo... Continue
Posted by: Aaron Brengard
Published: 11/14/14

Collaboration and High-Quality Student Work
Collaboration and High-Quality Student Work

by Aaron Brengard

In groups of three, student teams pushed their cardboard boats into the murky water and nervously worked together to row out to a deeper part of the lake.  Wi... Continue
Posted by: Aaron Brengard
Published: 11/12/14

PeachJar keeps you informed and moves us closer to paperless communication
   The paper flyers we have been sending home will now be sent electronically to your email inbox. With a goal of going paperless, this green initiative will save our school tons of paper and reduce copy costs by thousands of dollar... Continue
Posted by: Aaron Brengard
Published: 11/9/14

October Was a Month to Remember
Looking back at October, we have a lot to celebrate. The milestones, accomplishments, and recognitions were enough for a year, but we packed them all in a fun-filled month:


Popcorn fundraiser more than reaches the goal. Our families p... Continue
Posted by: Aaron Brengard
Published: 11/2/14

K. Smith School Junior CEO Summer Interns in the News
Our Summer Interns, Junior CEOs, are featured in two publications:


       On the cover of the Evergreen Times: Summer Internship provides 'real world' learning for K. Smith students

       EdSurge ... Continue
Posted by: Aaron Brengard
Published: 8/6/14

38 Elementary & Middle Schools Worth Visiting


Recently we chronicled 35 High Schools Worth Visiting. That led to a request for a similar compilation of inspiring elementary and middle schools. Far from exhaustive, our list includes schools that achieve extraordinary results, create powerful learning experiences, and/or have created innovative technology blends.


21. The 130 school New Tech Network (NTN) includes a growing number of project-based STEM-focused middle and elementary schools. The Evergreen School District in San Jose, California is home to Bulldog Tech, a NTN demonstration site, and Katherine Smith Elementary.


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